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Working groups will establish new frontiers of understanding.

Comparative studies, which have never been done before will enable a deeper understanding of the human anatomy. This in turn enables the medical industry to develop with unprecedented levels of accuracy and effective treatments as early as possible. One of our goals is to democratize the results of the Human Anatomy Project. Access to comparative studies will be made available through this project to help people around the world.

The Human Anatomy Project will utilize the advanced computational technology of GeminiDT to catalog the human body in Spatial Data, and apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to isolate any specific value of interest for study and diagnosis over the billions of data points contained in a patients CT scan series.


The first three studies will be around cardiology, oncology, and neuroanatomy. We are starting a movement that will unlock discoveries about the human body, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis of disease and earlier illness detection.  The Human Anatomy Project is a project for humanity. The learnings from this project will be made available to the world. 

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