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Understanding the Human Anatomy
There are three pillars that define the human body.
The genes, the cells, and the anatomy.
Human Genome Logo.jpeg

In 1990 The Human Genome Project launched. Its goal was to understand our DNA and to map the human genome

Human Cell Atlas.jpeg

In London, October 2016, a collaborative community of world-leading scientists met and

discussed how to build a Human Cell Atlas—a collection of maps that will describe and define the cellular basis of health and disease.


And now a passionate group has started The Human Anatomy Project (HAP) that will usher in a new era of understanding the human anatomy by turning interpretational medical imaging into true spatial data science.


The Human Anatomy Project will utilize the advanced power of Gemini DT bringing a path forward to quantifying the human anatomy.



This project has now broken through to uncover the human anatomy into spatial data, enabling a true precise data science.


By eliminating the errors inherent in the current interpretive discipline of medical imaging.  The HAP project can now enable the medical profession to identify, isolate, and render any specific value for the study, enabling new diagnosis and therapy protocols.

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