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Double Your Donation Gift Program 2024

We're thrilled to introduce the

"Friends of the Human Anatomy Project"


initiative, a unique opportunity for you to amplify the impact of your tax-deductible contribution.


Get ready to embark on the "Double Your Donation Value Matching Equity Program," where your generosity is met with incredible value. Imagine receiving a heartfelt thank-you gift from us:
GeminiDT, a dedicated supporter, has magnanimously donated $1 million in equity shares to the Human Anatomy Project so we can gift shares to you.


Here's how it all works:


When you make a tax-deductible donation to the Human Anatomy Project, a 501(c)3 research nonprofit committed to early cancer detection, you're not just making a financial contribution – you're securing your place in shaping the future of medical studies. Visit our donation portal at Donation Link and be assured that 100% of your contribution is tax-deductible.


And the excitement doesn't stop there! In gratitude for your support, we're delighted to grant you a matching value in equity stock options of GeminiDT. Picture this: for every dollar you donate, you'll receive an equivalent value in equity shares of GeminiDT at $0.10 per share. For instance, a $500 donation earns you both a tax deduction and $500 in equity shares.

Your gift will be automatically sent to your inbox along with your tax deductible reciept.
Thank you in advance

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