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Medical Advisory Board

Top medical doctors from Surgeons to radiologists will harness this platfom to study disease with empirical data science.

The medical team will use the GeminiDT advanced data science to map areas on nterset so doctors can detect cancer at its earliest stages.

Many times years ahead of when it can be detected with current imaging technologies.

The current protocol for cancer identification is through using medical imaging such as MRI, CT, Xray and PET scan. The presence of a tissue anomaly is identified by the radiologist through low resolution, grey scale, flat two-dimensional pixel based visual imagery.


This visual limitation can lead to missed interpretation or inconclusive diagnosis and result in a wide discrepancy in evaluations. Many anomalies are misdiagnosed or missed entirely until the cancer has become too large or has spread, making it sometimes too late to intervene. GeminiDT volumentric data science uncovers the true raw data to pinpoint a specific anomoly and where they are all located in the scanned area.

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Meet The Medical Advisory Board

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