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According to the American Academy of Neurology, neurological diseases are the world's largest cause of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), or years of healthy life lost due to death or disability, according to a systematic analysis performed for the Global Burden of Disease Study. We believe we can make a difference by enabling early detection of anomalies with improved medical imaging.


Do No Harm

An industry-first - Contrast agent will no longer need to be administered.

By eliminating unwanted near and long-term side effects of these materials, especially in patients already in a weakened state, or in cases where progressives scan over short periods need to be administered.


The Human Anatomy Project will provide collaborative studies creating a democratized solution available to all of humanity, which;

  • Enables early machine detection of anomalies

  • Enables the radiologist and doctors to isolate all specific values to reduce false positives and missed diagnoses by magnitude.

  • By being non-destructive with 100% accuracy gives medical professionals a new basis to administer care.

  • Reduces costs for scans and heightened levels of accuracy allow doctors to order test as needed

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