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According to the American Heart Association, someone dies of cardiovascular disease every 37 seconds in the United States alone. We believe we can make a difference by changing medical imaging.

Breakthru the Limits of Medical Imaging
The Human Anatomy Project will provide collaborative studies creating a democratized solution available to all of humanity, creating;
  • Changing medical imaging from an error-prone graphic standard to a true spatial data standard

  • Advanced AI-based data query and data visualization tools

  • Understanding the human anatomy through data quantification versus image interpretation

  • Enhances the Radiologists capabilities to the atomic level of detection 


By compiling to spatial Digital Twin data, enables radiologists and medical professionals to isolate single values of interest and eliminate all other data points  - a healthcare industry first.

They can also compare and contrast a single value, ranges of values, or combinations thereof to existing data sets (current or historical) to quantify data trends within a single patient or across populations.

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